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About Me
Haridas was born in the ancient Malabar Kshatriya Royal family of Kadampottu Covilakam in the present Malapuram district of Kerala. From early childhood his interests were Spirituality and Occult subjects. According to the traditions of those times, he was tutored at home from age 3 to 5, by a saintly teacher called Karekkattu Govindan Master who instilled in him the values of Sanatana Dharma. After this home tutoring, he was placed directly in second stardard at the normal age at which children enrol in the first standard in School...More..

Astrology as we know today has evolved over thousands of years. The early humans gazing at the planets and stars in the sky were in awe of the natural forces, but as the sciences advanced, man began to understand that the planets move in orderly fashion and exert influence over both animate and inanimate objects. As human beings, we are subjected to different influences and at the same time, we are all linked together and exert influences reciprocally through our thoughts. No man is an island unto himself. There is something to be said in favour of the butterfly of chaos theory! The ancient race of the Hindus understood that certain metals and gem stones counteract the adverse magnetism of the planets. As long is man is mortal, he is but a puppet at the hands of nature and environment. As he evolves spiritually, he is less influenced by these forces-rather his ability to influence the environment and nature increases.


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